Railways are the primary means of inter-city transportation in the world of Evaron. Since the Z-plague, travelling by road or caravan was very risky as there was always the possibility of running into a horde of zombies. As trains came into favour, large stone viaducts were constructed between cities, allowing for fast, safe, reliable transportation. These viaducts have been upgraded and extended over time, but still provide the backbone to modern transportation.

Train Routes

Gegnt Continental

The Gegnt Continental line runs up the southern coast of the Sea of Gegnt, eventually turning inland near Arnow and heading towards Evaron. It passes through most of the main cities of Gegnt, and meets up with several smaller regional railways to provide more complete coverage.

Ahnennian Express

The Ahnennian Express starts in North-Eastern Verrater before dipping south into Kinzhal. It continues south and branches - the old Ahnennian Express line traveled through Oxenshire territory before turning east, whereas the new Ahnennian Express line travels through Schwert territory directly, cutting out Oxenshire. Several branches exist here, as the Second War of the Empires has caused disruption and forced junctions to be closed.

All these branches meet up on the northern coast of the Sea of Gegnt before heading westwards towards Arnow. In Arnow it meets up with the Gegnt Continental and travels west towards Evaron.

Because the Ahnennian Express transitions through so many different territories, it is often disrupted by politics.

Menaalese Coastal Line

The Menaalese Coastal Line starts in Menaal, and follows a leisurely route along the Menegal Gulf, stopping in most major cities along the coast before ending in Evaron.

Evaron Express

The Evaron Express is a popular regional rail line that provides transportation to several areas around Evaron. It also manages the railway stations inside of Evaron, which is where most of its resources are spent.

Universal Rail Management

The Universal Rail Management was created as a political entity to assist in maintaining a consistent train experience everywhere, often through sub-contracting to regional rail management companies such as Evaron Express.