Nighthawk Logo

After the collapse of the Zuruck Imperium a number of black operatives and illegal research facilities were left to their own devices. Out of that chaos and darkness Nighthawk arose, unifying the remaining forces and resources into a single private military company. Nighthawk is known for completing objectives and jobs that should have been impossible. Few know just how exactly they do what they do, but all know that they are the most effective in their field. They are cold, professional, and esoteric.


Nighthawk is headquartered in Dom Lied, although they have branch offices in most major cities across Menegal, Ahnennia, and Gegnt.


Upper Management


The CEO of Nighthawk is Klass Ralf, a tall powerfully built man who was quite young when the Zuruck Imperium collapsed. During the chaos afterwards his natural leadership attracted others to follow him, ultimately allowing him to found Nighthawk and go legitimate when the situation settled down.


The Chief Financial Officer is Niko Rositov. Somewhat lightly built, he was a friend of Klass Ralf and one of his earlier followers. A talented sniper, as he aged he moved more towards manipulating the market.

Evaron Branch Contact

The contact for the Evaron Branch, Zisel Mendel, is an up and coming manager in the Nighthawk portfolio. Known as a procurer of talent, Zisel managed the previous Evaron Branch and keeps track of finances and the reputation of the Evaron Branch. She is a tall, black haired woman with light glasses and a deceptively sharp voice.