Below is an overall timeline of history, containing links to individual pages.



  • Humans crawled out of the ocean
  • Wandered Gegnt as nomads
  • Nomadic tribes wandered further north into the Zury region
  • Some evidence they crossed the Ahnennian mountains and the Menegal mountains

~Y-5000 to ~Y-3000

  • Developed agriculture on the banks of modern day Arnow, then known as Shtot.
  • Shtot established Imperium Law, the basis of most legal systems today.
  • Shtot rose to power during the Shtot Imperium.
  • Menaal founded in ~Y-3800.
  • Dom Kurz founded in ~Y-3700.
  • Hoykh founded in ~Y-3500.
  • Ludzian religion founded by the Prophet Nusia Ludzska at Mt. Ludzska.
  • Shtot declined while other regions developed distinct cultures in the Great Divergence.

~Y-3000 to Y-2000

  • Menaal engaged in battle with several 'barbarian' clans in the First Menegal Wars.
  • Hoykh becomes central to the Hoykh Empire, a multicultural empire focused on internal trade.
  • Amand von Kaiser orders the first Ahnennian in preparation of taxing his new empire, the Amand Imperial Reign.
  • Menaal builds the Menegal Wall, the longest wall in the world
  • The Hoykh Empire discovers coffee in the Coastal Gegnt region
  • The Amand Imperial Reign fractures during the Warring Kingdoms

~Y-2000 to Y-1400

  • Menaal becomes central part of the Menaalese Kingdoms, period of relative peace ensues
  • Hoykh Empire fractures into three smaller states: Ershter Kingdom, Tsveyt Kingdom, and the Drit Kingdom.
  • Gegnt region struggles with a terrible drought
  • Prosanism founded by the Martyr Prost
  • Hendler Ponem lines the Zury-Gegnt trade route with elaborate trade halls, creating the first merchant empire
  • Ahennia unified under Karstan von Kaiser at the Battle of Dom Hoch, the Karstan Imperial Reign

Y-1400 to Y-800

  • Karstan forces crossed the Ahnennian mountains in the Berg War
  • High Priest Yeger creates civil unrest in the failed Prosanism Uprising
  • Prosanites spread to Zury and Menegal, fleeing extremists and the crackdown
  • Menaalese Kingdoms begin the Second Menegal Wars

Y-800 to Y-200

  • Prosanites in Zury and Menegal branch out into Orthodox Prosanism
  • Klar Umriss rises as a culture in Ahennian Highlands
  • Gegnt unified under the Grand Vire Mentsh in the Seige of Ponem
  • Regional Rytsars engage in the Honorable Wars
  • Karstan Imperial Reign collapses with the death of Emil von Kaiser
  • Population reaches approx. 800 million, spread out in varying densities

Y-200 to Y0

  • Rystars disappear as the Z-plague outbreak begins
  • The Great Tragedy of Ahnennia
  • Gegnt falls at the Breach of Arnow
  • Menaalese Kingdoms Collapse
  • Monastery of Mt. Ludzska survives onslaught, provides the Modern City Model and Modern Calendar

Y0 to Y100

  • Gunpowder comes into use.
  • Industrial revolution in full bloom.
  • Z-bug identified and isolated in laboratories
  • Radio communication allows the Reconnection
  • Evaron founded

Y100 to Y125

  • The Dom Ritter - Dom Verrater conflict marks the first outbreak of war
  • The Fall of Dom Ritter occured, creating the first modern Z-hazard
  • 1st Conclave of Doms held in Dom Lied in Y132, which created the:
    • Trade and Border Agreement
    • 1st Liedian Treaty
  • Zuruck Imperial Reign began in Ahnennia with the aggressive capture of several cities

Y125 to Y150

  • 1st Menaalese Conclave, which created the Menaalese Consortium
  • Oxenshire Treaty formed to resist Zuruck Imperial annexation
  • War of the Empires breaks out
  • Arnow destroyed in first nuclear attack
  • Zuruck-Menaalese peace treaty signed
  • Trans-Gegnt Rail connects the isolated cities of the Gegnt Region

Y150 to Y175

  • Zuruck Imperial Reign unifies most of the Ahnennian Lowlands
  • Zuruck Imperial Reign collapses into:
    • Verrater Imperial Reign
    • Schwert Imperial Reign
    • Kinzhal Consortium
  • Successful decoding of the human genome
  • First cybernetic limb attached by Dr. Antoni Iwanski
  • Invention of the Internet
  • Gegnt unifies into the United Cities of Gegnt
  • 1st Council of Evaron, which created the:
    • Universal Passport System
    • Universal Standards System
    • Universal Research System

Y175 to Y200

  • First spacecraft + satellite
  • Internet moves from being experimental to mass consumption
  • Evaron leaves the Menaalese Consortium

Y200 to Y225 (present)