Cybernetics became possible after Dr. Antoni Iwanski, a scientist from Zury, completed a mapping of the major nerves of the arm and prototyped the Iwanski connector, the first neuron-electrical signal interface. Since then it has been developed extensively by the military for use in combat, and by civilians to enhance their lives.

Major Corporations

Zeta Industries

See Zeta Industries.

Zeta Industries is a major player in cybernetics, frequently securing military contracts with Ahnennian nations through their military brand Reinhart Cybernetics. Their recent acquisition of Neupendage has given them access to the commercial market; Neupendage cybernetics were known to be of poor quality, but since the merger into Zeta Industries their quality has improved while keeping prices low.

Iwanski Cybernetics

See Iwanski Cybernetics.

The brain-child of Dr. Antoni Iwanski's grand-child, Dr. Patryk Iwanski, Iwanski cybernetics specializes in cutting edge research into cybernetic enhancement. Funded through a combination of high end commercial and military contracts, as well as through the Universal Research system, Iwanski Cybernetics blends the role of laboratory and corporation.

Golem Technology

See Golem Technology.

Based out of the United Cities of Gegnt, Golem Technology has equal presence in cybernetics and exoskeletons. Their cybernetics have barely broken into the market, but are often found in niche cybernetic shops and collections. Their growth year over year is a testament to their quality and continued expertise.