See Cybernetics (Setting) for the state of cybernetics in the world.

Cybernetics are replacing body parts with mechanical parts, with the objective of increased resistance, improved strength, and better reactions. Cybernetics fundamentally replace part of you, and if you improve a skill through cybernetics you can't improve it through points after that. Any points you previously spent on those skills are lost.

Cybernetics have a general policy of 1 wealth point spent = 4 skill points effectively. Each replacement type also has a price modifier. It takes a week in-game to fully acclimatize to any change to your cybernetic loadout; without this you are disadvantaged for any impacted skill.

Cybernetic Enhancement Categories

Broadly, cybernetic enhancements can be broken down into 5 categories: Legs, Arms, Core, Auditory, and Ocular. Each impacts 4 skills:

Enhancement Category Affected Skills
Legs Stealth, Athletics, Endurance, Speed
Arms Sleight of Hand, Small Blades, Large Blades, Explosives
Core Gymnastics, Bludgeoning, Wrestling, Martial Arts
Auditory Listen, Sense Motive, Sixth Sense, Traps
Ocular Spot, Search, Small Arms, Large Arms

Other cybernetic enhancements exist: from the common replacement organ to specialized brain-computer interfaces. These will be fleshed out more as we go.


Replacement legs typically extend from midway up the thigh down. They are unique to a user and cannot be interchanged, as each is customized for that user's height. After replacing them users are able to move faster and jump higher.


Replacement hands are very specialized since they have a strong need for fine motor skills. They start at the elbow and replace the forearm through fingertip. After replacing them users have faster typing skills, better hand-eye co-ordination, and can make faster more subtle movements.


Core replacements can only be done after legs and arms. This involves replacing the upper arm, shoulder, back, abdomen, buttocks, and thigh muscles with cybernetic muscles. This is a very specialized operation, but afterwards the user is more flexible, stronger, and more durable in hand to hand fighting.


One of the oldest cybernetic enhancements, this replaces a user's hearing. Afterwards the user is better at listening, picking up on nuances in tone, and small noises that would otherwise go undetected.


Replacing one's eyes is very personal and sometimes painful. However, afterwards users have better than 20/20 vision with zoom and record capability. Users have reported better accuracy in marksmanship and being better at locating small visual clues.